About Us

Integrity is in our veins, Empathy is in our blood, Accuracy is in our DNA, We are Star Lab India: Building Healthy Tomorrow Specialist

About Us

We, STAR LAB INDIA, are India’s largest growing network of Healthcare Laboratories powered by Sharma Labcare Private Limited. Our main aim is to bring healthcare services to you right at your doorstep at an affordable price. We are providing the best healthcare services across India and could connect us via our website or mobile app.
We are a group of passionate professionals bringing qualitative healthcare at your doorstep which is reliable and accessible to you. We help you by finding pathology and radiology labs in your neighborhood that are delivering high-quality diagnostic testing. We show the best results to you considering the kind of treatment and testing required, distance from your home, and price. We cater to your needs affordably and conveniently. In fact, we measure the quality of service at regular intervals to update our process and deliver the best to you.
We also maintain the repository of your health records in chronological order, which is easy to access from any device and ensure privacy as well.

Our four keys :

  • "S - Significant Results"

  • "T - Transparency"

  • "A - Affordable"

  • "R - Reliability"


Our primary rationale is to help you by discovering the best laboratory in your locality. We specialize in providing the contact of excellent radiology and pathology labs in your neighborhood. Reliability, accessibility, quality, and convenience matters the most to us while providing these healthcare services to you at your doorstep.


Our goal is to form an extensive network of qualitative laboratories and connect more than 100,000 laboratories before the end of 2022, providing high-quality diagnostic testing. We also aim to connect 10 million users before the end of 2022, who could be benefited from such fantastic laboratories.